La route des vins de Savoie

The Savoy Wine Route

From Lake Geneva to the right bank of Isère, a number of vineyards, exhibited in the south, draw the landscapes of the Savoy and Haute-Savoie valleys.

The climate is tempered there because of the proximity to lakes. Savoy wines are spread over four departments, Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère and Ain. Savoy, as well as the Bugey, offer a beautiful range of grape varieties: Jacquère, Chardonnay and Chasselas for whites, Gamay for the Reds.

The appellations of Savoy wines.

The AOC Vin de Savoie is a regional appellation which includes the entire Savoyard vineyard. We find the Abymes, theArbin, the ripaille, theApremont, theChignin, theCruel, theCrepy, the Seyssel, the Marin, the Marignan, theChigninBergeron, Montmélian, the Prayed Saint-Jeoire, the Saint-Jean de la Porte or the Roussette-de-Savoie.


The AOC Vin de Savoie, recognized in 1973, is cultivated on a vineyard of approximately 1,800 hectares spread over twenty-eight Savoyard municipalities, including twenty in Haute-Savoie, two in Ain and one in Isère.

Culture is carried out in hillsides, on scree or old glacial moraines. The vineyards are located in valleys, on mountains, near rivers, lakes and take advantage of a continental climate undergoing various influences. AOC Crépy, Seyssel and Roussette-de-Savoie produce Dry white wines.


To The discovery of Lake Geneva vines.

Located north of Haute-Savoie, the vineyards are divided into discontinuous islets on the hillsides and terraces of the southern shore of Lake Geneva, between Annemasse and Thonon-les-Bains, your starting point.

From this famous thermal center, you discover the Domaine de Ripaille and its Château Monastery, in the middle of superb landscapes and whose wines mainly comes from Chasselas. This circuit, taking you to the Bas-Chablais region, allows you to discover the names Ripaille, Crépy, Marignan and Marin.

To The discovery of frangy wines in Chambéry.

You follow the Rhône on this course of approximately one hundred and twice kilometers, starting your trip by Frangy, Pays de la Roussette to then join Seyssel and his AOC The oldest in Savoy

Your journey continues to discover Ruffieux and the Cave de Chantagne which will reveal you The Wine Cycle

The road then leads you to Chindrieux, then Chanaz along the Savières canal, then Lac du Bourget and accompanies you to the royal abbey of Hautecombe where the kings of Savoy are buried.

Jusgieux and its vineyard dating from the Middle Ages, planted with white white, will lead you to the end of your path in Le-Bourget-du-Lac.

To The discovery of the Savoyard vineyard between Chambéry and Miolans.

Your journey of around forty kilometers begins with Chambéry and its old town, then takes you to discover the apremont and her white wines from Jacquère, famous for advantageously accompanying the Savoyard fondue, as well as the Crus of the Abymes to discover and taste at the Oenothèque de la Maison de la Vigne et du Vin.


Then, a charming road will guide you to Chignin, then in Montmélian, former fortified square and Its vine and wine museum. You continue your itinerary by stopping in Arbin to taste his world wine, powerful and renowned. Finally, a visit to the castle of Miolans will be the end of your journey.

Walk in the Bugey vineyard.

Located in Ain, halfway between the Savoy vineyard and that of the Jura, the Bugey region is a range of grandiose landscapes, offers renowned gastronomy and wines that perfectly accompany local poultry-based specialties or of game.


AOC since 2009, Bugey wines leaves you with a wide choice from peaceful or sparkling whites to the Reds Cerdon, Montagnieu and Manicle. Take the road between Cerdon and Mérignat for about twenty kilometers and you can taste these high quality wines.

Pet and Wine agreements

Of all the specialties of this region, The Savoyard Fondue is probably the best known. White wines are often the most suitable for this dish and more particularly those of Savoy. To better appreciate this MET, the wine must oppose a slight acidity In order to counter the fatty side as well as a certain roundness in order to balance the salted side.


For a good food and wine agreement, a wine from the Jean-François Quénard domain from old Jacquère vines will be ideal. On the nose, it offers an exuberant fruity with notes of apricot, apple and pineapple and in the mouth, the freshness dominates. Another equally interesting choice, a little Arvine, Valais grape variety, which offers an exotic bouquet rich in aromas. What perfectly accompany a good Savoyard fondue.

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