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What type of corkscrew should you choose?

The only key that opens all bottles of wine, the corkscrew is an essential accessory for all wine lovers. A working tool for the sommelier, or ally of wine lovers, the corkscrew comes in a multitude of models, from the most traditional to the most modern. Let's find out what type of corkscrew to choose depending on the use.

Choose a corkscrew according to use

You might think that all corkscrew models are the same, since they are all intended and designed to open a bottle of wine . However, the different characteristics of each model allow you to adapt your choice according to your use, for easier and more suitable handling.

The corkscrew for professional use

Catering professionals never part with their corkscrew, which allows them to open a bottle of wine quickly and efficiently. They then use what is called a lemonadier . Light and compact, it fits easily into the pocket or apron of the waiter or waiter, and offers interesting versatility. Equipped with a bottle opener, a wick and a lever, this tool allows you to open wine bottles, but also sodas, beers, and other drinks served in a capsule bottle.

With a handle most often made of hard plastic (ABS), this bottle opener is intended for a use that can be described as "popular". It is also this type of corkscrew that we find in private homes, and which most often serves as a bottle opener.

A corkscrew for events

During a personal or professional event, such as a wedding or a seminar, the large number of guests requires the opening of a large quantity of bottles of wine. It is therefore important to equip yourself with a corkscrew that is solid and easy to handle . For quick and effortless opening, the lever corkscrew is undoubtedly the most suitable model.

Extracting the cork is done in the blink of an eye thanks to the lever system. The wine lover then just needs to correctly position the tool on the cork and move the lever back and forth to open the bottles in just a few seconds.

A corkscrew for a connoisseur

During a tasting in a cellar, or with an experienced oenologist, wine professionals readily use a bimetallic corkscrew . This is the most effective model for removing a cork cleanly with minimal effort, without risk of crumbling, since the cork is not pierced. The bimetallic corkscrew is then made up of two blades that must be slid between the cork and the bottle, before turning the handle clockwise.

Oenology professionals also use the double lever corkscrew , an accessory which allows the cork to be extracted in two steps, and in its entirety (unlike the single lever corkscrew which only partially removes the corks).

A corkscrew for tasting without frills

Do you like getting together with friends or family over a good bottle? But then the same question always arises: who opens the bottle? To ensure that you always succeed in extracting the cork without damaging it , you can invest in a Charles de Gaulle corkscrew in stainless steel. This easy-to-use model, also called a cage corkscrew, has a rack and a double notch, and allows the extraction of corks in a few steps:

  • Lower the arms of the lever model and insert the spiral wick into the cork;
  • Turn the handle until both arms are vertical;
  • Lower the arms to extract the cork.

If you don't have a Charles de Gaulle, the lemonadier, this simple lever model, is also very easy to use and will be suitable for all family meals.

Choosing a corkscrew according to the types of corks

The majority of wine bottle stoppers are made of cork. This material evolves over time, and extracting the cork can become more complicated with age. If the corkscrew is intended to open old bottles, the cork of which may crumble a little, it is advisable to turn to a robust and minimally invasive model. In this case, wine merchants and sommeliers use a bimetallic corkscrew.

To extract corks from younger bottles in perfect condition, you are free to choose the corkscrew model that appeals to you the most.

Give a corkscrew as a gift

A wine lover is always happy to be offered gifts related to wine and vines. Corkscrews are therefore among the essential accessories that we don't necessarily think of offering, because no one really lacks them. However, some models are designed as true objects of art with elegant designs, while others present themselves as fun gadgets.

To offer a corkscrew , you will then have to take into account the expertise of the person.

  • For a wine professional: the real wood sommelier knife is an excellent choice for a prestigious gift. It allows you to open great wines with fragile corks with a minimum of effort;
  • For a connoisseur (non-professional): a very great amateur will obviously be delighted to receive a sommelier knife, but you can also turn to an affordable model, such as a pretty sommelier corkscrew ;
  • For a little wine lover: for someone new to oenology, it may be interesting to offer more fun accessories, such as an electric corkscrew , or to offer an easy-to-use model, such as a wine corkscrew. lever.

Whatever model you choose, you can add a unique touch by offering a personalized corkscrew . There are also many oenology boxes in which we find a corkscrew, as well as other wine tasting accessories.

The selection of corkscrews from the MDCV group

To open the right bottles of red wine, white wine and rosé wine from our different areas of Provence, we have selected two quality bottle openers for you.

  • The wooden sommelier , personalized in the image of the Château de Berne. This traditional corkscrew model is light, robust and very stylish. Its double lever system will appeal to serious amateurs who can remove corks effortlessly and use it for regular use;
  • The personalized sommelier in the image of the Ultimate Provence estate is also a tribute to the wines of Provence, and allows regular use with ease. Equipped with a blade for cutting the capsule and a pigtail bit, this corkscrew also serves as a bottle opener.

Would you like to please by offering a pretty corkscrew? Unless the gift is for you? You now know how to choose your bottle opener . Visit our store to equip yourself with quality equipment.

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